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Okay...enough doddling....

Alright a great deal of time has past and I think its safe to say that we should prolly start looking at some good plot devices. Now I am not talking about some huge grand scheme plot like we recently came out of, I am talking about the prologue to this next step in the rp. With the way things have been here as of late, my mind has been pulling blanks. The best I have really been able to come up with was a brief epiloggue, if you will, based on implications and a general idea of how things were gonna end in the previous plot line. In this "epilogue" we would also be able to cover how the world merge occured, and we could get people started on their merry little ways. So here is what we all need to come up with:

1) How does the world merge occur?

2) What happened during this merge? (ex: did parts of city's merge together, or did continenets merge bringing with them the city's that were on them)

3) If we go with the epilogue idea...What would have been the REALISTIC outcome for your character? (Not everyone could have escaped un harmed, unchanged, and all been the uber hero as it were)

4) Maybe someone could help generate a new world map we could all use?

I know I haven't been on much this Dec. but I don't have a comp I can use regularly until Jan 16th when I return to school, but I will try and check this post regularly, and I am sure the other mods would be able to answer your questions and provide you all feedback until I am more available to do so. I know its been awhile since we have done anything here but I am sure that if we work together we can get this thing up and running again in no time.

Till next time...Ciao!
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