clairecleyra (clairecleyra) wrote in finalfantasy_rp,

I take it noone is still here. but if they are.
I am admin at a MUCK now called Southern Cross. It occurs 1000 years after the end of FF7 on that world and incorporates all the races of the games. Of course you can't plan canon characters because they all died 100's of years ago but the idea is there. I have an insane dragoon named Rylisk Ulerath, a heretic who is obsessed with giant mechanical spiders, a moon maiden claire knock off burmecian, and a villainous monster type as my characters. for more info, AIM me at blayzebright if you want my advice on muck clients. Its a real time text based thing where you log on and play, and has anywhere from five to fifty character on at once depending on when you log in, and a whole city plus for them to interact in.
I am the background admin, which means I approve people's background ideas. It screens out poor rp-ers and makes them comply with theme :)

And if anyone really wants to help me start this place back up, I will help admin it though I may not play a character here. Notice I said 'help' which inclines I would not be the only admin.
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