Kigaeno Moondancer (kigaeno) wrote in finalfantasy_rp,
Kigaeno Moondancer

This is Blayze's alt Kigaeno, the main villain of an also defunct other FF RP community. I'm taking control of this community and bringing the members from humanity_ooc over here to fill out one rather than haveing two defunct ones. Here's the deal.

1) There is no plot as of yet. We will likely just fill out the ranks, come up with a reason why worlds are connected, and have at it. There will be minor villains, NO major villains like Seygora and Alcarin, they take up too much space. Weak yet resourceful bad guys make for better plot.

2) As of right now, none of you play anyone. I'm emptying out the ranks. What I need is the following. If you want a character, register for it. The following things are needed in a description:

Job/Social Status:
What character has been doing in year since game end:
Why you are good at this character:
Your AIM:
Will you be able to post regularly? I mean at least once every two days.

Origonal characters are welcome. But must have staff approval. As of right now I am the only staff. Contact me on AIM Nezumi Horde, or email me at hightpriest at cleyra dot com. Contacting me is for origonal characters. If you are just going for a normal character go ahead and post an intro here. Don't be afraid to do so if one is already posted but not yet approved; I'll give you time if I know two people from the different RPs had that character and are likely to both apply.

3) Ideas on how the worlds will be linked? We could have Kigaeno link them as he did in Humanity. Or we could have some other thing.

4) Dead characters from the game: How do we handle it? We could disallow them, allow them with good reason why they're alive, or do something like we did in Humanity where a minor villain resurrects the old villains/dead people to use them as minions and then looses control over them.

5) Rules: Is there a minimal age for a character to be involved in NC-17 scenes? Is there a minimum age for players? All scenes must have ratings posted. All fights must have the winner determined before the fight to prevent power playing, or ask a staff to determine the outcome.

6) Villains: Kigaeno, Sanix, Alcarin, and Seygora can all be used for villains, but Alcarin and Seygora will not be near as powerfull as they were.

7) Other staff: Contact me privately to ask. Don't be mad if I say no, please.

8) Same with characters, we will likely have several people applying for the same character because we are combining two RPs, don't be mad if I give them the character rather than you, please.

Anything else?
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